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Change is in the Air
Investors in Advanced Mobility

Radius Capital are investors in enabling technologies at the intersection of software and data with physical world mobility systems.


Mobility defines modern life, enabling our economic and social interactions.  We have scaled mobility systems to astonishing levels in the last half century, however, the fundamental structure of our cities, highways and airports has not changed.  In fact, they have remained tied to the past.


Yet, software, materials, and other technologies continue to advance exponentially and are now being employed with massive impact for mobility.


Digital systems are learning to operate in the real world.  Electric propulsion, composite materials, automation, networks and software weave digital and physical systems together, enabling an explosion of transformative new mobility.

Change is in the air.  Technology is redefining flight, from small drones to large aircraft, allowing us to access vertical space safely, cheaply, and quietly to move goods and people in a multitude of new ways.  This delivers profound disruptive impact as the ability to move independent of roads and terrain opens news possibilities.

We invest ahead of this revolution, capturing the inevitability of technology's impact on mobility through the lens of flight.

Our investments cover a range of ventures, from enabling technologies for safe, quiet electric flight to the software and data that tie together new mobility networks and power a more capable, automated, secure and high-density mobility system as well as business models that leverage and apply advanced mobility to opportunities in new domains.

We are leaders in this domain, widely published, deeply involved, and dedicated to the challenges and opportunities at this frontier. 

Join us in this conversation.  Tune in to our industry-leading podcast.  Get in touch directly.  We look forward to hearing from you.

About Us

About Us

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Peter Shannon

Founder, Managing Director


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Podcast Series

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Market Assessment:  Civil and Military UAS Avionics and Support Services

Integration of complex UAS operations into the national airspace is one of the significant opportunities in the next era of aviation.


In this report, we assess the civil and military market opportunity for avionics and services supporting complex UAS operations.


An aggregate market opportunity of $72B between 2021 and 2029 exists for dual-use avionics that improve situational awareness, assured identification, reliable communications, sophisticated AI-enabled mission-specific avionics, and a host of safety- and mission-critical services.

We offer our view on how the interplay between technology, regulations, and communities may evolve with the UAS industry. 

We make this report free to download and encourage its further dissemination for the benefit of the industry, entrepreneur, and investor communities.

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Thought Leadership Article Series


Technology is Redefining Flight

Electric propulsion and autonomy will vastly expand the applications for flight across the economy


Unleashing Innovation Towards an Automated Airspace System

How do we work together to build new capability into our airspace?


Aerial Mobility as Nodal Transportation

A modern nodal transportation network has far-reaching economic and social sustainability benefits


Commercial Drones Breaking the Adoption Barrier

How do drones gain operating experience amidst the pandemic response?


Moving Advanced Aerial Mobility Forward

How will capital underwrite the innovation in aerial mobility?

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We Can Lead and Win the Battle Against Wildfires

Technology can bring game-changing impacts across the full forest management lifecycle

A National Strategy for Advanced Air Mobility

We co-authored a national strategy for the development and deployment of advanced aerial mobility systems through the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.


Radius Capital

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