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Market Assessment:  Civil and Military UAS Avionics and Support Services

Integration of complex UAS operations into the national airspace is one of the significant opportunities in the next era of aviation.


In this report, we assess the civil and military market opportunity for avionics and services supporting complex UAS operations.


An aggregate market opportunity of $72B between 2021 and 2029 exists for dual-use avionics that improve situational awareness, assured identification, reliable communications, sophisticated AI-enabled mission-specific avionics, and a host of safety- and mission-critical services.

We offer our view on how the interplay between technology, regulations, and communities may evolve with the UAS industry. 

We make this report free to download and encourage its further dissemination for the benefit of the industry, entrepreneur, and investor communities.

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Thought Leadership Article Series


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Firefighter scaled_edited.jpg

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Technology can bring game-changing impacts across the full forest management lifecycle

A National Strategy for Advanced Air Mobility

We co-authored a national strategy for the development and deployment of advanced aerial mobility systems through the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

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